The club is open to anyone with an interest in motorcycles with the aim of promoting social events and rides around the country or abroad. To become a member of the Cruisers we have a few procedures that should be completed. After attending 6 club meetings and taking part in 4 ride-outs, the full membership will then take a vote on a prospective candidate at the last meeting of any month. At least 70% of the attending membership must be in favour of voting in the new member and if the candidate has been successful they receive a club badge.
Jonathan Blythe WP_20160515_003
Jane Burke (Dep. Treasurer) 076
George Carson f-southport-cruisers-easter-charity-run-13042014-1-a33
Duncan Cook 
David Craik WP_20160522_003
Julie Craik WP_20160522_004
Peter Edgeley
Denise Foster Cruisers Easter run 28032016 (26)(The one on the left)
Ged Foster (Treasurer) Cruisers Easter run 28032016 (26)(The one on the right)
Paula Graham 38 (Wearing the hat)
Robbie Graham 38 (With moustache)

Mark Hartley
Mark Ladbury
Mike Leamey (Liason) 071
Sue Leamey
Neil Lewis
Pip McQueen 074
Alan Morton WP_20160515_009
Dan Moss dan2
Derrick Moss (Chairman) 072
Graham Moss 5-woodvale-rally-21062013-18
Michael Moss
Adrian Musgrove
James Price
Andy Robertson (Secretary) ar
Mary Robinson mary and peter & Peter Robinson (Vice-chairman)
Michael Sandiford
Laura Stokes
Joe Taylor WP_20160417_005
Chris Yates