Southport Cruisers Motor Cycle Club was formed in May 2005 and has since that time been evolving, by attending motorcycle rallies and events around both this country and abroad we have become a well known and respected, with an active membership. We have a good relationship with local MCCs and by agreement are the only MCC with a club emblem worn on the back of our jackets.

2005 we attended rally’s and rock-nights, organising small events of our own. We organised a Christmas toy run under the banner of Southport Cruisers for the first time.

2006 continued in much the same vane, an Easter Egg Charity Ride was organised. 5 members went to a Rally in the Black Forest, Germany, returning with a haul of awards. Membership grew to more than 120 members, our rock-night events got bigger, reaching a wider audience, using the Floral Hall in Southport. We organised the 2nd Christmas Toy Run and had a club charity fund.

2007 the club split reducing the membership to around 30 with a debt of £600.00, not to be too disheartened a 2nd Easter Egg Run was organised, 24 members on 18 bikes took a holiday in Belgium, staying in Gites. We had a Belgian member at this time who organised riding excursions for us into France and Germany. The club earned the respect of the locals in the short period we were there, for being well behaved and an example of excellent group riding. We organised a 3rd Christmas Toy Run.

2008 a great year for the club organising a 3rd Easter Egg Run, we now met at “The Shakespeare Hotel”. The “Coast To Coast” – “Dusk till Dawn” charity event had its first outing. We arranged to have the old Bowling Club at the back of the pub as our club house, we refurbished it and put in our own bar. We organised a Bike Day & BBQ attended by over 200 bikers from around the region. We had a club holiday touring Northumberland, staying in B&B accommodation. We organised a 4th Christmas Toy Run.

2009 due to circumstances beyond our control we were forced to move again and started meeting at “The Zetland Hotel”. We organised a 4th Easter Egg Run, a 2nd “Coast to Coast”, a holiday to France and Switzerland, and weekends away to Kirkby Stephen and The Ace Café. We also organised our 1st “Biker Down” first aid course. We organised our 5th Christmas Toy Run.

2010 we organised our 5th Easter Egg Run”, concentrated on ride outs, rock-nights and rallies, including the historic motor show and Woodvale. We organised our 6th Christmas Toy Run.

2011  we moved to “the Ring O’Bells” for club meetings, we organised our 5th Easter Egg Run, had 12 bikes over in Normandy for a weeks holiday, organised a part of the MAG National Demo Day for motorcycles in the local area, and of course held our 6th Christmas Run to Clumber Lodge.

2012 this year would see us organising our 6th Easter Egg Run, take 12 bikes and a van down to Summerset for a great holiday, only lasted a few days though due to flooding in the area, we are still doing ride-outs rock-nights and a few rallies, including Woodvale. We are continuing with the “Coast to Coast” and support for the event seems to be growing with other local clubs. We organise our 7th Christmas Run to Clumber Lodge.

2013 started with a move to the “Thatch & Thistle”, we organised our 7th Easter Egg Run, started a Thursday Bike Night in Southport town centre. Organised a club holiday to Sea-houses in Northumberland staying in a cottage or camping locally. We organise our 8th Christmas run to Clumber Lodge.

2014  We organised our 8th Easter Egg Run, with the Thatch about to close for refurbishment. We took 7 bikes 8 people to the Somme 1st world war sites. We moved our Club meetings to “The Sands Pub” and organised our 9th Christmas Run to Clumber Lodge.

2015 We organised our 9th Easter Egg Run, with this being our 10th anniversary we put on a number of social rock nights organised a “Stars & Stripes” 1 day event. We also had weekends away at, Pendine Sands, Squires Café for the rockers reunion, Ace Café Brighton Run and 30 members went to Rock The Lakes. We organised our 10th Christmas Run to Clumber Lodge.

2016 We moved club meetings to Leo’s Bar in Neville Street, Southport, a more central location to encourage visitors  to our meetings and events.

2017 WE moved club meetings to Southport Railway Club, Sussex Road, Southport, PR9 0SJ

Over the years we have raised in excess of £10000.00 and distributed the  money to local charities and local good causes